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Why Presto?

TThe Opera's presto engine is one of the best and most optimized engines on the Web, pairing with all other big players, so, instead of letting it just fade away into oblivion, we can create a thriving community around it, gathering developers to experiment with it, to keep it, to extend it.

A single engine is not better?

People forget easily, so many people don't remember how bad the Trident dominance was. Now we are experimenting what the Webkit dominance can bring, like the standardization of "-webkit-", lazy developers wanting just the convenience of testing only in chrome and not trying new css rules just because "only" firefox, or "only" IE10 supports it, big players abandoning their long developed engine in favor of the "soon to be" dominant one.

Will a petition change it all?

At first, no, but as time passes and people sign, and keep making buzz in the net, linking and talking, Opera Software may give us a chance, it may take time, but together, we can make this happen!